Submission Instructions

Please review your contract to determine what segments of your video will be edited. We require ALL the material below before your project is put into our production queue. Ensure that you are satisfied with your song selection as any changes past this point will incur extra charges. Note that credits are an added bonus to your video and only the names of the Bride and Groom as well as the Bridal Party will be included.

Info to Prepare

Please choose one song for each section of your wedding day listed below. If your wedding had multiple events and/or days, it is best to call the office and speak with someone in the video department to help you with your submission to ensure that all material is covered. Please refer to your contract to ensure you are only addressing the options that are included in your package.

When you are finished filling in all the fields below, copy and paste the information in an email and send to We will send you a confirmation email to ensure that all the necessary information has been received along with an approximate date as to when you will be receiving a screener disc.

Required Info to Email

Name of the Bride and Groom:
Wedding Date:
Best phone # to reach you for any questions:

-Baby Montage:
-Dating Story:
-Grooms House:
-Brides House:
-First Dance:
-Cinematic Highlight:
-Honey Moon Montage:

Info Descriptions


This refers to the intro credits for your project. Please list only the names of the Bride and Groom along with the entire Bridal Party. This section usually runs about 45 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds ie. The whole song will not be used.


***Must be included in your package to be applicable***

This refers to a slide show of photos from both the bride and grooms' child hood as well as dating photos. A maximum of 30 images is to be chosen, ie. Typically 10 photos of the bride and groom separately and 10 photos of the couple together.

We also need one song approximately 3 -5 minutes in length.

***Images need to be Hi-Resolution. This means that if you want to use images shot from a digital camera, please ensure that you are submitting the original files and not photos off of Face Book. When scanning old photos, a minimum of 300 DPI is essential. All of this is to ensure that your final product is of the highest quality.

When you have chosen your images, please rename the files in a way that indicates the order you wish them to be displayed. (eg. lisa_paul_001, lisa_paul_002).

You may burn a copy of the files to a CD or DVD and have them shipped to our office at:

Attn: Video Department
41 Britain St Suite 302
Toronto, ON M5A 1V8

Or you may drop it off in person.

You may also send the files via our FTP server. We recommend the following free clients for FTP transfer:

-Windows: Filezilla
-Mac OSX: Cyber Duck

The Access Info is as follows:

user: xeroftp
password: Digital1

Create a zip file and drop it onto the top directory of the FTP site. Once transfer is complete, send an email to with the subject line: “Did my baby stuff transfer to the FTP Server?”

You will receive a confirmation email letting you know if everything transferred properly.


For all other sections, we will use the whole duration of the song for the edit. Please choose songs that are at least 3 minutes or longer.


Same process as the Baby Montage. Please name the file and folder names accordingly, (eg. lisa_paul_honey_moon_001, lisa_paul_honey_moon_002, etc).

If you have both a baby and honey moon montage, place all files into one folder titles “your_name_montage_photos”. Please remember to rename the individual files as described above to ensure that we lay out your images in the correct order.